Annabelle real doll images. Annabelle: just how real is the 'true story' of the haunted doll behind the horror franchise?

Annabelle real doll images. Annabelle: just how real is the 'true story' of the haunted doll behind the horror franchise?

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Annabelle: just how real is the 'true story' of the haunted doll behind the horror franchise?

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Please refresh the page and retry. But, if the late paranormal experts and husband-and-wife team Ed and Lorraine Warren were to be believed — and, as we'll later explore, that's a pretty big "if" — then she's the real, demon-haunted deal. T heir friend Lou, a regular visitor, warned them that the doll was evil, but a trip to a medium allayed the girls' fears. The Raggedy Ann, they were told, was indeed home to a spirit, but to a harmless one, belonging to a murdered young girl named Annabelle who simply wanted to feel safe. Upon opening the door, Lou saw that nobody was there, but noticed that the Annabelle doll had moved to the floor.