Bad boob job pics. Boob Job Blunders—Big, Lopsided and Very, Very Botched Plastic Surgery - Popdust

Bad boob job pics. Plastic surgery gone wrong: Boob job mum shows photos of botched 9k breasts

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21 Bad Celebrity Boob Jobs

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Kayla Cole first had surgery four years ago after breastfeeding had caused her boobs to change shape. Kayla, a hairdresser, said: "I didn't get surgery so that I could be the blonde girl with the massive fake boobs. I just wanted for them to look normal and natural but it all went horribly wrong. Ashamed by the side effects of the botched boob job, the 26 year-old has been hiding her bosoms underneath baggy, unflattering clothing. She added that the botched surgery had made her self-conscious: "It was so bad I even tried to hide them from my partner Martin, who I've been with for nine years. The surgeon explained that her implants were spaced too far apart and that they would only get worse with time.