Baywatch hotties. 15 Baywatch Hotties Like You've Never Seen Them Before: Ugly

Baywatch hotties. Top 10 Hottest Baywatch Babes (Tv Show)

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We're so used to seeing the gorgeous, glamorous faces and bodies of Hollywood stars everywhere that it becomes easy to forget that they're just normal, everyday people, too. Underneath all the glitz and glam is a human being the same as you or me, although sometimes, it's not as fun to think of them that way. With makeup teams and money galore, the perfect photos far outnumber the less-than-perfect. But to bring us and them back down to earth, I have a few reminders -- 15, to be exact -- of the stars of Baywatch looking worse than we're accustomed to seeing them. The Baywatch remake movie is set to hit theaters on May 25, and its star-studded cast includes plenty of hotties for your ogling pleasure. But this list will focus on the lovely ladies of Baywatch only.