Fishtail hairstyle images. African American Fishtail Braids Hairstyles Pictures

Fishtail hairstyle images. Fishtail Braids

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42 Best Fishtail Hairstyles images in | Hairstyle ideas, Hair inspiration, Hair Makeup

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This tutorial shows how to achieve the messy reverse fishtail braid. A regular fishtail braid goes downwards and falls against the head, where as the reverse sits off the head similar to a reverse french braid and the zipper effect points upwards. Brush out hair. Take a smal section of hair from the crown of the head and part into two even pieces. From the left section of hair take a small piece of hair just under half a centimetre and take it under the left piece and add it onto the right section of hair. Repeat this step on the right piece, this time take a small right piece of hair, pulling it under the main right piece and adding it to the left side.