How much money do you win in the olympics. How Much Prize Money Do USA Olympians Get for Medal Wins? | Winter Olympics : Just Jared

How much money do you win in the olympics. How much money do you win winning an olympic gold?

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How Much Do Olympians Get Paid? It’s Probably Not What You Think

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The whole point of the Winter Olympic games is to compete hard so you can show some pride for your country and bring that shiny medal back home. The PyeongChang Winter Olympic athletes are living their best lives right now. It's all blood, sweat, tears and lots of hustle for the glory. Yeah sure, winning a medal is totally great and all, but if I'm being honest, what we all are dying to know is, do Olympic medal winners get paid prizes? Because everyone likes to make it rain. Of course just being able to say you won at the Olympics is a hefty prize of its own, but some Olympic athletes do get some compensation.