Pics of otzi the iceman. Weapons reveal how this 5,year-old ice mummy lived -- and died - CNN

Pics of otzi the iceman. Ötzi the Iceman

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Pictures: Otzi the Iceman's New, Older Face Unveiled

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On Thursday, September 19, , at about 1. Further investigation showed this object, which Helmut Simon at first, and from a little distance, thought to be a "doll's head", to be an actual human corpse. Much of these human remains lay under the ice and melt-water but the back of the head and upper back and shoulders were exposed - the Simons also noticed several pieces of rolled-up tree bark near the body and took a picture of what they now presumed to be the unfortunate victim of some sort of, quite recent, accident on the mountain before leaving to report their find at a nearby hiker's shelter. The Simons' story featured some years later on "Death of the Iceman" an episode of the BBC2 "Horizon" popular science show first shown 9. Then my husband took a photograph, just one, the last we had left in the camera.