Pics of prostitutes in harare avenues. Harare’s desperate commercial sex workers-turned-robbers - The Standard

Pics of prostitutes in harare avenues. Harare’s desperate commercial sex workers-turned-robbers

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Sex workers celebrated following reports yesterday that Police are no longer allowed to arrest them for loitering for purposes of prostitution. While Police officers are deployed in various parts of the country for routine duties, prostitutes expressed their displeasure about some of the police officers who are raiding them daily for bribes and some, sexually abusing them. We are not sure if this ruling has been communicated to Bhuka and his team who worked days of the year visiting us to take bribes. If the ruling is going to be upheld, we are prepared to visit that court and say thank you. One of the hookers told this writer that the Police were hiring thugs to milk them and share the spoils. Some of them would accept Bronco broncleer cough syrup after discovering that we have no money to bribe them, and if you have time, we will call you as they loiter with us around the Avenues, threatening to take us to the Charge Office. What we are not sure of is if the police have been ordered to stop arresting us, when we are in our rooms as they used to do or they have been banned to arrest us even as we loiter the streets during the late hours.