Roger rodas images. John Belushi - Celebrity death scenes - Pictures - CBS News

Roger rodas images. Celebrity death scenes

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5 things to know about Roger Rodas, who died with Paul Walker - CNN

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The court reportedly found in favour of Meadow Walker, 17, in when Roger Rodas, the man driving the car in the fatal accident, was found 'partly to blame for fatal accident. Scroll down for video. It is as yet undetermined whether the money was received from the insurance company or from Rodas' estate. It was deemed a 'small fraction' of what Meadow should have received and she is determined to press on with a case against car manufacturer Porsche for 'design defects', the website claims. Just a small fraction: The ruling was considered 'just a fraction' of what she should have received, considering his status as a Hollywood moviestar. News of the ruling comes after a judge acting on behalf of Roger's widow Kristine Rodas cleared Porsche of any wrongdoing in their deaths, just last week. However, the court's decision does not undermine the case of Paul's daughter Meadow, her attorney went on to say in a statement.