Usa leotards 2016 olympics. Replica Gymnastics Leotards USA National Team including by GK Elite

Usa leotards 2016 olympics. #TBT: See How Olympic Gymnastic Leotards Have Changed Through the Years

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The U.S. women's gymnastics team's first Olympics leotard,

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In a pre-spandex world, jumping over a pommel horse was a medal-worthy feat, even without flips and twists. It's sort of like an oversize baby onesie with a beauty queen sash. At least it doesn't look constricting! This was the year Team USA started experimenting with metallic prints like the big gold star on the side of this leotard. Really, Kerri Strug broke her ankle landing her final vault of the team competition and couldn't get her foot through the leg of her track pants. Red, white, and blue. All at the same time.