White tiger 2018 olympics. What Does Soohorang Mean? The Mascot Of The Winter Olympics Is A White Tiger

White tiger 2018 olympics. Meet “Soohorang,” the New Mascot PyeongChang 2018

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Soohorang and Bandabi - Wikipedia

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Putting on the Olympic Games gives the host country a chance to embrace and exhibit myriad aspects of its culture and history, and it's already clear that the Korean organizers of the PyeongChang Olympics are not breaking with that pattern. In fact, the Olympic mascot is a white tiger precisely because the animal is very symbolic in South Korean culture. The tiger's name is Soohorang , and the symbolism starts right there. The word "sooho" means "protection" in Korean , so Soohorang is meant to stand as protection for all of the athletes, fans, and officials who have gathered in PyeongChang for the games. Beyond that, though, the tiger is generally considered to be the Republic of Korea's guardian animal , and it's a familiar, benevolent figure in Korean folklore and mythology.