2016 rio olympics commercial. International Fencing Federation TV Commercial, ' Rio Olympics Fencing' - fide2012.eu

2016 rio olympics commercial. The Best Commercials of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

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Viewers Complain About Too Many Olympics Ads, But Volume Actually Fell - WSJ

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Just like the Super Bowl in America, the Olympics serve as prime airtime for commercials. But the best of these commercials strike a balance between selling a product and capitalizing on the heart within these games. Here are our top five commercials from the Olympics so far. The commercial also shows the ranges of people who call America home, donning hijab and yarmulkes, whose skin appears in a variety of shades. Rather than spotlighting the incredible athletics of the Olympics, the coffee company focuses on the relationship between a coach and a little boy as he grows up to compete for Team USA. Angelou concludes,.