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As politely as possible, I shift in my chair to glance at the feet in question. For a year-old Swedish actor somehow striding into mainstream cinema from multiple doors at once, they appear to be holding her up just fine. Yet for a ballerina, Vikander explains, they were less than ideal. Born and raised in Gothenberg, Vikander had dreamed of a life in tutus since a Christmas outing to The Nutcracker at the age of five; at 15, she was permitted to move on her own to Stockholm to study ballet. Asked if even she knows how many of her films have hit screens this year, she lithely avoids giving a number. Her roles between those two have varied wildly. She brought a tang of romantic regret to the underperforming Bradley Cooper vehicle Burnt , and some Russian-accented femme fatale attitude to the breakneck Aussie thriller Son of a Gun.