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The year-old star, who is six months pregnant with her second child, was wearing a bald cap and having blue cream smeared all over her as the professionals tried to make her look fat for her upcoming role in Shrek: The Musical. Amanda, who will play Princess Fiona in the show, tweeted the picture with the caption: 'Don't be scared! Not a great look! Amanda Holden posted a picture of herself being measured for her Shrek: The Musical fat suit on Twitter. She later told fans she was angling for a part in Doctor Who with her new look, tweeting: 'Maybe if they see that pic of me getting ready for my Shrek Princess Fiona Fat suit, Dr Who may also cast me!! Amanda is due to start in Shrek: The Musical in May, and says the role won't be affected by her pregnancy, despite the fact she is due to give birth just two months earlier. Referring to previous judge Piers Morgan, who has now moved to America, tweeted earlier this week: 'Its going well!