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If you've been anywhere the internet or a cable news broadcast this weekend, you've likely already seen the images of Frank Giaccio, the year-old boy who offered to mow the White House's lawn and was granted the "privilege" of doing do. Although his hardwork is admirable, people just couldn't resist sharing memes of Frank ignoring Donald Trump while he was mowing the lawn. They're all pretty hilarious — and not making fun of Frank at all, but of Trump's move to try to talk to the kid over the loud noise of a lawnmower. If anything can make you believe in America again, it's these hilariously awful jokes about Trump yelling at the poor kid while he's trying to work. Anyone who's ever been around a lawnmower or done it themselves would know better than to try to bother the person at the helm. Trump's probably just not used to being on the grounds with "the help.