Generate rrr on remita. - How to Pay Federal Government Bills Using Remita

Generate rrr on remita. How to generate remita code all federal government payments (rrr)

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How to generate RRR on Remita? ▷

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Remita which has significantly assisted in revolutionising the e-payment industry in Nigeria was adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the payment and collections of funds on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is the payment gateway for Federal Government funds generated from levies, taxes and tariffs. But a payment gateway that facilitates the remittance of these funds into the TSA. Remita is government approved since it is used by the Federal Government, corporates and high-net-worth individuals to process financial transactions. It is a secure platform with advanced security features such as a combination of hard token, soft token, biometric token and proprietary authentication protocols. With Remita, you can pay your taxes, levies and tariffs directly to the government without fear of missing deadlines which often attract surcharges.