John schneider wife pics. John Schneider (screen actor) - Wikipedia

John schneider wife pics. John Schneider's Estranged Wife Wants Him to Cover $350k Her Lawyer

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John Schneider (screen actor) - Wikipedia

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By Tracy Wright For Dailymail. Court documents filed last week revealed that Schneider has 'been willing, but unable' to pay the lofty monthly sum. He said he has 'tried his very best and has used his best efforts to earn a regular, reasonable, steady income' since the couples divorce, according to The Blast. In addition to sporatic roles as an actor, John had invested in a Dukes of Hazzard tour with former co-star Tom Wopat before the entire tour was canceled due to Wopat's arrest for indecent assault and battery in August. Elvira also claimed that John canceled her health insurance policy without her knowledge.