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I've often thought of nude photography as a natural extension of portraiture; if you're going to spend so much time on trying to capture the 'essence' of who somebody is, in some cases shedding any barriers between the model and the camera such as clothes is the next logical step. One thing that can be a challenge, is to translate portraiture techniques into nudes. For right or wrong, there are still a few social taboos around nudity - and even in relation to photographing nudes - and I often receive e-mails from people who want to give it a right good go, but can't quite figure out how to get started. I am often asked where people who are interested in nude photography should start - and after a bit of research, I've finally found a great one-stop shop for all the information you could need about nude photography. You can find it on Amazon UK or Amazon. I've written about the topic before, and you could do a lot worse than having a look at Try Nude Photography ; my interview with nude photographer Pascal Renoux who is also featured in this list of inspirational nudes , Adding Passion to Nude Photography , and Nude Photography You may also be interested in the short piece by Brigitte I posted on nude self portraiture.