Pinterest nude nails. The Pinned Nude Nail Polish On Pinterest Has Been Revealed

Pinterest nude nails. Pinterest Says the Popular Nail Polish of 2017 (So Far!) Is...

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Nude tones are appropriate for any occasion and ensure a classically elegant look. The story began on the catwalks: we first saw it at Luisa Beccaria, then Acne and Lanvin, and now the natural look is taking over the entire makeup trend for the coming season: the first thing we have to mind when it comes to the face is a flawless complexion, making the hands be gently emphasized with nude and soft rose hues of nail polish. The cold and warm seasons are both marked by nudes as well as classic colors and the merino cool, of course, which is a blend of grey and lilac. We also have to take into account that not all nudes are the same, so make sure the one you pick suits your skin tone. In winter time, dark colors are still very fashionable, from red and brown to green and black. But then again, you can go for the nude-metallic combination, because the two go together perfectly.