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A minister officiated; a hot buffet was served; a friend provided an apartment in Providence, Rhode Island, for the honeymoon. What was unusual was that Tish was the bride. Some friends who worked at a Pawtucket bridal salon had offered to outfit the bridesmaids and to provide Tish with a lacy white wedding gown. Tish, who may be the oldest drag queen in New York City, knew he wanted to be an entertainer from an early age. He grew up in Dayville, Connecticut, the eldest of seven children in a French Catholic, blue-collar family. Following his marriage to Norman, whom he met one night at an underground gay bar, Tish worked factory jobs and took dance and singing lessons at a prominent music academy in Providence; on weekends, he played the local clubs. After a few years, Tish and Norman broke up, and Tish decided to move to New York to focus on his career.